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    Code Red is a standalone ruleset for modern wargaming designed to recreate real and hypothetical conflicts after 1945.

    These rules have started out as a set of Houserules for a popular Modern Wargaming ruleset to address some of its shortcomings, but have evolved into a unique and distinct set of rules with a special focus on:

    • Command and Control and the role of leaders on the battlefield
    • Morale and Suppression and their effect on units
    • Tactical Depth and interesting decisions facing the player

    The rules are designed to provide a level of tactical realism, narrative quality, scaleability and simplicity that makes them easy to learn but hard to master. We´ve been trying to master them for 3 years now and we´re still not there ;)


    After more than 3 years of development and testing, we´re confident to provide a challenging and fun game for those of you who want to dive deeper into the logic of modern warfare.  As a first step towards a full release we are publishing the Quickstart Rules that provide all essential rules for basic infantry combat.


    You can download the rules below, it´s free


    If you want to support our efforts to improve the game, please consider sending your feedback, suggestions or a paypal donation to info@enfilade-figures.com, order some miniatures from our shop or add a Code Red Support Pack to your next shopping card.