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Website Relaunch!

By Robert Börnig, 08/14/2016 - 10:12

After several months of invisible work in the secret lab, I am finally able to present the reworked website that you are now browsing!


Back in 2014, when I created the first version of this page, I was under pressure to finish a workable website quickly to start my experiment of selling figures without much effort and I didn´t have the time and skill required to build a sophisticated page. Unfortunately I realised that I broke some functionalities with my lack of knowledge and skill and experienced frequent troubles throughout the last year while trying to add new and maintain functions to adapt the site to my needs.

Earlier this year I decided that the situation was untenable and started work on setting up a fresh installation of the page.  With the Website Relaunch I am finally able to fix some very bad bugs and add more functionality to the site:

  • A working search function - try the "search" field on the top right!
  • Better Paypal Integration -  Now using Paypal Express checkout which should make life easier.
  • Better visual layout and design - making navigation on the shop easier I hope!
  • Working Email notifications -  Automatic emails on order updates. These will keep you informed about the progress of your order and allow me to concentrate more of my time making miniatures instead of writing mails
  • Working order history -  was broken on the old website, is now back to normal function
  • Coupons -  I´m now able to use coupon codes to discount orders. Not yet in use, but will get utilised sooner or later.
  • New Administrative functions -  not directly visible to you, but I´ve configures some admin views to my requirements, again allowing me to save time on administration that can be used to make more minis.
  • Multi-language-capabilities - the site is theoretically able to handle multiple languages. Right now it´s only english, but I could now think about doing translations for a german version.

But as always, nothing comes for free. There are still some downsides to the new page.  The biggest is probably that all customer accounts have to be re-registered. I felt that each of you who had an account entering their credentials again was much less effort than me trying to port the data from the old website to the new one.  I made a change in the way the adress is configured and I had the bad feeling that importing the old user accounts into the new databse would be a lot of trouble. I hope you can live with this minor nuisance. 

Apart from that, while the core functionality of the shop has been thoroughly tested and works without problems, there might still be some small quality of life issues, like order confirmation emails not formatting correctly.

To give you an incentive to re-register (or register for the first time) I am celebrating the new Website with a special discount offer on all products! Throughout the next week, all products are 30% off.